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Who Should Direct Austin Butler's Crime Movie 'City on Fire' for Sony?

Plus, I pour one out for Participant Media and weigh in on hot casting news as well as Dakota Johnson's new movie 'Daddio.'

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Last night, I enjoyed a Walter Hill doubleheader, watching Southern Comfort (1981) and The Driver (1978) for the very first time, and finding a lot to like about both films. It feels like Nicolas Winding Refn already remade The Driver with Drive, but Southern Comfort could be ripe for a remake in the hands of someone like Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room) or Henry Dunham (The Standoff at Sparrow Creek).

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about my top 10 choices to direct Austin Butler’s Sony movie City on Fire now that the studio has hired a writer to adapt Don Winslow’s terrific novel. You’ll also read about Participant Media closing up shop after 20 years, Liam Neeson’s new love interest in Paramount’s Naked Gun reboot, the latest addition to Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie, a new PSA coming to movie theaters courtesy of some foul-mouthed superheroes, a look at Dakota Johnson’s latest flop, and the eye-popping hourly fee of Universal’s lead lawyer.

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