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  • 'Nosferatu' and 'Conclave' Upstage 'Wicked' at Universal's Colorful CinemaCon Presentation

'Nosferatu' and 'Conclave' Upstage 'Wicked' at Universal's Colorful CinemaCon Presentation

Plus, Paul Walter Hauser is playing Chris Farley, Emma Stone heads to Universal, and Justin Lin lines up a new crime thriller.

Happy Friday, folks! Another weekend, another forecast that calls for rain. I swear, it’s like God is playing a cruel joke on all of us lately.

I drove back from Vegas last night and spent today nursing a migraine, but I soldiered through to deliver my penultimate report from CinemaCon, and I’ll try to file one last piece this weekend on Disney’s presentation so we can start next week fresh.

In addition to Universal’s CinemaCon report card, today’s newsletter features stories about J.K. Rowling alienating actors she has known since they were little kids, Emma Stone signing on to work with her husband, Paul Walter Hauser playing Chris Farley, Justin Lin lining up a new crime thriller, Milo Ventimiglia signing with a new agency, and O.J. Simpson burning in hell.

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