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Was Dakota Johnson Forced Into Doing 'Madame Web'? It Sure Sounds Like It…

Plus, the 'Rust' shooting and what the verdict means for Hannah Gutierrez Reed, Alec Baldwin, and Hollywood going forward.

Happy Thursday, folks! I had the pleasure of checking out Adam Carter Rehmeier’s new Paramount comedy Snack Shack last night, so thanks to Collider for having me.

I didn’t love the movie quite as much as I did Rehmeier’s 2020 oddity Dinner in America, but the performances from young stars Conor Sherry, Gabriel LaBelle, and Mika Abdalla make this one a fun watch, and I dug its early ‘90s vibe.

There’s a tonal shift near the end of the film that’s a bit jarring, but effective, and Snack Shack also has the kind of good heart that reminded me of Kevin Smith’s early films. I can definitely picture teenage boys streaming this movie on Paramount+ this summer while eating some “fuckdogs” and sneaking beers out of their parents’ fridge.

Apologies for being a little light with scoops and such this week, but I anticipate things picking back up after the Oscars on Sunday night. Speaking of which, you can watch the latest episode of For Your Consideration for my final predictions.

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