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What to Do After 'Dune'? 10 Films Denis Villeneuve Should Consider Making Before His 'Messiah' Movie

Plus, 'Road House' director Doug Liman blows off his own boycott, and The Avenue teases another B-movie blast.

Happy Friday, folks! It was a long week of wild goose chases and running down leads that went nowhere, but hey, that’s the job sometimes. I bet things will pick up again after the Oscars, which is what everyone was focused on this week — Hollywood’s big night sucked up all the energy in town.

Last night, I watched Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Netflix movie Damsel, which is worth a watch. It wasn’t great or anything but Millie Bobby Brown makes for a compelling lead; she’s a movie star, and as such, she held my attention. Plus, I really liked what Robin Wright was up to in her brief screentime here, and I thought Shoreh Aghdashloo was a great choice for the smoky, snarling, seductive voice of the dragon.

It’s good to have Fresnadillo back — it had been far too long since his last film — and this is exactly the kind of movie that Netflix should be making, and Brown should be doing. But, having said that, I’d be curious to see how she opens a movie in theaters, as her hits have all been within Netflix’s walled garden.

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