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Exclusive: 'The Smashing Machine' Crashing This Year’s Oscar Race — See My First 2025 Predictions

Plus, Mark Ruffalo reunites with Chris Hemsworth, Pixar lays off 14 percent of its staff, and Netflix renews Shane Gillis' 'Tires.'

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Last night, while lamenting having to skip the Furiosa screening — part of being an adult and having to work, I suppose — I spent the night reading comics, including Terry Moore’s Serial omnibus, about a young girl chasing a serial killer who targets predators. I liked it well enough, as it had some clever ideas, such as a killer who hides trinkets from their victims inside glass cubes.

I also watched the latest episode of Stand Up on the Spot, the hilarious brainchild of comedian Jeremiah Watkins in which the audience yells out topics, and his fellow comics have to riff on them on the fly. Watkins assembled a killer lineup for this week’s show, including Sam Morril, Mark Normand, Joe List, and Dan Soder, so watch the new SOTS, and when you’re done with that, check out Watkins’ own special Daddy on YouTube.

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read my thoughts on this year’s Oscar race, including Dwayne Johnson’s chances for The Smashing Machine. There are also stories about Mark Ruffalo reuniting with fellow Avenger Chris Hemsworth, Pixar being forced to lay off 14 percent of its staff, Jerry Bruckheimer’s plans for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, director Adam Wingard stepping away from Legendary’s Monsterverse, and the upcoming Netflix documentary How to Rob a Bank from director Seth Porges.

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