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  • Gavin Smith’s Murder Is Subject of 'Homicide: LA' Episode; Will Netflix Do Karen Read Next?

Gavin Smith’s Murder Is Subject of 'Homicide: LA' Episode; Will Netflix Do Karen Read Next?

Plus, HBO's 'Harry Potter' series finds a showrunner, while A24 lands a major cash infusion and a hot horror spec.

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Last night, I stayed up late reading Rachel Howzell Hall’s mystery thriller They All Fall Down, which is a pretty shameless ripoff of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, but seeing as how that’s my favorite whodunit of all time, I didn’t mind much. I’ve still got 80 pages to go, so I’m hoping for some kind of twist to help it distinguish it from other thrillers, as it’s rather generic so far.

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about how Netflix’s upcoming true crime series Homicide: Los Angeles has an episode that will likely hit close to home for Hollywood, and why studios and streamers should also be looking at the insane Karen Read trial that is currently captivating all of Massachusetts.

There are also stories about IATSE helping Hollywood avoid another crisis, the new plan to revitalize Paramount, A24’s cash infusion and the hot horror spec that the company just landed, and Jeffrey Wright’s new TV series, the return of Sly Stallone’s Tulsa King, and a Van Helsing series in the works at CBS, plus my thoughts on the trailer for Robert Zemeckis’ Sony drama Here starring Tom Hanks.

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