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  • Exclusive: Glen Powell, Hollywood’s New Favorite Lead, Is in Talks to Star in J.J. Abrams’ Next Movie

Exclusive: Glen Powell, Hollywood’s New Favorite Lead, Is in Talks to Star in J.J. Abrams’ Next Movie

Plus, Sydney Sweeney steps into the boxing ring and the Critics Choice Association embarrasses itself once again.

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Apologies for not sending a newsletter last night, but I wasn’t able to finish the long Netflix piece I’m working on, and I’ve been chasing scoops since I woke up this morning.

On Monday night, I watched Francis Galluppi’s The Last Stop in Yuma County, which is a neat little indie crime movie starring Jim Cummings as a knife salesman who crosses paths with a pair of bank robbers in a small-town diner where everyone seems to be carrying a gun. Yes… he literally brought a knife to a gunfight. At a lean and mean 90 minutes, the film whizzes by, and the cast (featuring the great Richard Brake) does a good job (along with the script) of keeping the audience on its toes. This isn’t a great film or anything, but I can see how it landed Galluppi a meeting with Sam Raimi, during which he sold the horror maestro on a new vision of The Evil Dead. I look forward to seeing what the director does next, whether it’s that project or something else entirely.

Last night, I finished watching Netflix’s three-part Ashley Madison documentary, and I also started watching the streamer’s new Benedict Cumberbatch’s series Eric. Both shows remain under embargo, however, so stay tuned for my thoughts later this month.

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about who J.J. Abrams has in mind for his next movie, the Critics Choice Association’s latest scandal, and a worrying update on A24’s Crystal Lake series, plus stories about Sydney Sweeney stepping into the boxing ring, Glen Powell heading to court, Travis Kelce lining up his first major acting gig, Peter Farrelly tackling young Sylvester Stallone, Jeremy Strong working with The Boss, Michelle Yeoh playing a replicant, and where you can watch Caitlin Clark’s pro debut in the WNBA.

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