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  • Exclusive: Jesse Plemons to Reunite With Emma Stone, Yorgos Lanthimos on 'Save the Green Planet'

Exclusive: Jesse Plemons to Reunite With Emma Stone, Yorgos Lanthimos on 'Save the Green Planet'

Plus, DreamWorks layoffs, Wes Anderson's female lead in 'The Phoenician Scheme,' and why Bill Maher fired CAA.

Happy Friday, folks! I’m excited to hit a friend’s birthday party tonight, but I want to sneak in an indie movie beforehand, so I’m trying to send this out at a reasonable hour.

Last night, I watched HBO’s gut-wrenching, stomach-churning documentary The Truth vs. Alex Jones, which goes into painstaking detail to illustrate the myriad ways in which the InfoWars host is both a liar and a fraud who preys on the most vulnerable among us at their weakest moments.

I had a visceral reaction to Dan Reed’s devastating documentary, which is not anyone’s idea of Friday night entertainment — it’s a tough, challenging sit, but sometimes, you have to look evil right in the eye if you want to understand it better. Then again, I’m not even sure that Jones understands what he’s done to the families of the Sandy Hook victims. He seems to be incapable of having sympathy for anyone but himself.

The documentary isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s incredibly powerful, and hopefully, the world never forgets what happened at Sandy Hook — or how Jones responded to that terrible, terrible tragedy.

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about Jesse Plemons, Emma Stone, Yorgos Lanthimos, Wes Anderson, Mia Threapleton, Chris Pine, Bill Maher, French actress Charlotte Le Bon, screenwriter Ana Nogueira, former CBS Films exec Winnie Kemp, and DreamWorks Animation.

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