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  • Exclusive: Jon Bernthal in Talks to Star in AMC's Limited Series 'The Terror: Devil in Silver'

Exclusive: Jon Bernthal in Talks to Star in AMC's Limited Series 'The Terror: Devil in Silver'

Plus, why Jerry Bruckheimer needs to do something with 'Apaches,' and my thoughts on the new 'Strangers' trailer.

Happy Friday, folks! Yes, it was a Happy Friday, indeed, as my pal Ed Douglas and TheWrap told the world what I’ve been saying for the past five months — that my former boss, Patrick Graham, the publisher of Below the Line, is a deadbeat scumbag.

I had no idea that any of this was going down today, but I woke up to an email from Ed, the interim editor of Above the Line since my departure in October, asking for my advice about a public statement he wanted to make regarding Patrick, as yesterday marked Ed’s last day at ATL — his choice, by the way.

My opinion was irrelevant, as Ed already posted the statement to his social media channels by the time I woke up (way too early, grrr) and saw his email.

Suddenly, there was a second source pointing the finger at Patrick, making me look just a little bit less crazy… maybe.

From there, Danielle Solzman, who was a valued contributor to both ATL and BTL, went public with her own story, and from there, it was on.

TheWrap’s Umberto Gonzalez, with the backing of editor Sharon Waxman, dug into the story, which I was happy to help him with, though ultimately — and this was smart of him — the story wasn’t about me. It kept the focus on Ed, where it should be, as he’s now the third editor Patrick has done this to.

Tonight, Patrick issued an apology of sorts — too little, too late, in my opinion — before taking Above the Line offline, vanishing more than a year of my work from the internet. He also vowed to repay his debts to everyone, though I’ll believe that when I see it.

Still, to say that today’s events served as vindication would be an understatement, and I have to thank TheWrap, once again, for caring about stories that the other trades do not, which is to say, stories about real people who work in this industry and are being taken advantage of.

Variety, THR, and Deadline had every opportunity to pursue a story about Patrick Graham but because I, Jeff Sneider, was the victim, they didn’t deem it worthy, and now another innocent editor, and many more freelancers, are out even more money. Rather than serve the community they’ve sworn, in a sense, to protect, the Penske trades sat on their hands here. It’s a shame, for if a reporter from any one of those publications came to me alleging that they’d basically been abused in the workplace, I would take their concerns seriously.

Anyway, I received some encouraging news today regarding the growth of this little newsletter, and within a week or two, I may be able to brag about it, but for now, I will continue to let my work speak for itself.

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about Jon Bernthal, Jerry Bruckheimer, Wendell Pierce, James Gunn, Joshua Jackson, Dakota Fanning, Terence Winter, Bill Weinstein, Lynda Obst, Muggsy Bogues, and The Strangers.

Paid subscribers can enter the Sneider-Verse to read more… or listen, as I recorded myself reading this entire newsletter. It’s 15 minutes long, so think of it as a mini-podcast. And speaking of podcasts, check out today’s episode of For Your Consideration, where we break down the screenplay races, as well as today’s episode of The Hot Mic, where we held the Denis Villeneuve Oscars, and yes, it was as much fun as it sounds.

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