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  • Kurt Russell Circling 'Yellowstone' Spinoff, But Will Paramount+ Survive as a Standalone Streamer?

Kurt Russell Circling 'Yellowstone' Spinoff, But Will Paramount+ Survive as a Standalone Streamer?

Plus, my thoughts on 'The Watchers' and the trailer for Pharrell Williams' LEGO biopic 'Piece by Piece.'

Happy Friday (morning), folks!

This morning’s newsletter is really last night’s newsletter, but I went to a friend’s to watch my Boston Celtics demolish the Dallas Mavericks last night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and I left my computer charger there, so I had to wait to retrieve it this morning. My humble apologies.

Last night, I did offer my Finals prediction before the game — you just didn’t see it. I fully expect my beloved Celtics to hoist a league-leading 18th banner to the rafters. I still think it’s going to be a good series — Luka Doncic is incredible — but I have total faith in the guys in green. On paper, we just have a much better team, and we’re completely healthy, so I think it’s our year.

Last night, I started watching Clipped, which features a scene in which Laurence Fishburne’s Doc Rivers talks about the Celtics being one of the greatest organizations in sports, so Clipped is my new favorite show, as terrible as some of the casting choices are. Thankfully, the comely Cleopatra Coleman is not one of them.

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about the likely fate of Paramount+ and who might be joining the Yellowstone universe, plus, my review of Dakota Fanning’s new movie The Watchers, and stories about the directors of James Patterson and Michael Crichton’s new book Eruption as well as fresh additions to the Jurassic World franchise and Season 4 of The Morning Show.

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