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  • The 24 Most Anticipated Movies of 2024; 'Die Hard' Prequel; Who Should Play Hush in 'The Batman 2?'

The 24 Most Anticipated Movies of 2024; 'Die Hard' Prequel; Who Should Play Hush in 'The Batman 2?'

Plus, another look at the Best Supporting Actor race and whether Robert De Niro is a lock for a nomination.

This is it — my final newsletter of 2023, and my last free edition.

It has been a hell of a year, that’s for sure. I reunited with a lost love, who is surely the best thing to have come out of this year, and I kept a difficult work situation to myself for 10 months before it came to a head, forcing me to go out on my own and be my own boss for a change.

Hopefully, it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to me and you’ll benefit from it as well, as I plan to continue delivering scoops, inside analysis, thoughtful hot takes, and smart predictions about Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large.

See, I’m not going to let this town shut me up — unless, of course, someone wants to pay me millions of dollars. I could live with a Nikki Finke-like arrangement of forced silence. But until then, I’m going to keep doing my thing and building an audience here, because quite frankly, we need more independent voices in this space.

In addition to becoming outright boring, much of the entertainment media, which ostensibly exists to serve as the voice of the people who make up this beloved community of ours, instead serves as the voice of the corporations that finance it. As such, these outlets will always be beholden to their studio overlords and they behave accordingly, refraining from biting the hand that feeds them too often. I’d like to think I have good relationships with the studios, as I’m a fair and reasonable guy, but I also have no such qualms, for that’s the job. I don’t work for the studios, I work for my readers.

Of course, speaking truth to power comes at a cost, and that’s part of the reason it has become difficult for me to find a salaried job. But I’m not going to wait for someone to throw me a lifeline so I can spend two years “proving myself” all over again while helping them build their brand before they grow tired of me and get rid of me for a cheaper, younger model.

Instead, I’m going out on my own after 20 years, as I believe in myself and the fact that I have enough to offer readers looking for a premium product. I know full well how tough it is out there right now for a lot of people, and how there isn’t a lot of extra cash for entertainment newsletters. But I’m not cut out for the life of a freelancer, working my ass off for pocket change and no benefits, so I’m putting my faith in all of you, and my higher power.

Los Angeles is a tough town. But I think I belong here and I’m ready to prove it in case I haven’t already earned my place in your book.

In tonight’s edition, you’ll read about James Wan, James Gunn, and Matt Reeves, plus the race for Best Supporting Actor, and my most anticipated films of the year. Keep scrolling down for more…

The 24 Most Anticipated Movies of 2024

OK, so these choices are a little basic, but keep reading for the rest!

It is the end of December and the moment has arrived for a time-tested staple of the internet, the Most Anticipated list.

Mine — I most definitely assure you — looks a hell of a lot different than most.

How do I define “Most Anticipated?” If you handed me a ticket to every movie that came out in a given year — let’s call it 500 — and 499 people lined up in front of you and you had to give each one of them a ticket, my #1 pick would be the ticket that I would hold onto. It’s really that simple.

There are a handful of movies that will likely start filming in Q1 of 2024 that could be ready for release by the end of the year, but I tried to stick with movies I was confident would come out this year.

Without further ado, and you can call me crazy all you fucking want, here are my 24 Most Anticipated Movies of 2024.

1. Rupert Sanders’ The Crow

What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. The Crow is one of my Top 10 favorite movies of all time. It is the single greatest comic book movie ever made. I will fight to the death on that hill. To say I’m curious about Rupert Sanders’ reboot of the property starring Bill Skarsgård would be an understatement. I nearly worked up the nerve to try to sneak into a test screening, and I’m not afraid to admit that the thought crossed my mind, though I ultimately decided to wait to see the finished film. My hopes aren’t necessarily high, but if they can top City of Angels — and make no mistake, they should top City of Angels — then I’ll be a “happy boy,” to quote my man Michael Shannon.

2. Justin Kurzel’s The Order

This crime drama follows a lone FBI agent who investigates a series of bank robberies and car heists in the Pacific Northwest and comes to believe that the crimes were not the work of financially motivated criminals but rather, a group of dangerous domestic terrorists. Jude Law stars alongside Nicholas Hoult, Jurnee Smollett, Tye Sheridan, Odessa Young, Alison Oliver, and Marc Maron. I’m pretty mixed on Kurzel’s output, which I don’t think has delivered on the promise of Snowtown, but with the right material, I do believe he could hit a home run, and this sounds like a hell of a story that’s right in his wheelhouse.

3. Todd Phillips’ Joker: Folie a Deux

I loved Joker. Sorry! I know, I’m a total Joker bro. What a goon! But there’s a reason that Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for that performance. He was fucking brilliant. And he wasn’t brilliant in a bad movie. He was brilliant in a damn good one. Todd Phillips… who knew he had it in him? This sequel, which is another musical from Warner Bros. following Wonka and The Color Purple, introduces Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, and while it sounds pretty out there, I’m willing to give Phillips and Phoenix the benefit of the doubt, as they’ve more than earned it when it comes to this DC property. Brendan Gleeson and Catherine Keener have also joined the cast, while Zazie Beetz is expected to return as well.

4. Gareth Evans’ Havoc

I feel like this has been on my last two Most Anticipated lists, as it was shot back in 2021. It has been in post-production for the past two years, more or less, but I feel confident that 2024 will be the year for this Tom Hardy-led action movie! In fact, I think this movie is going to wind up being even better than Furiosa, such is my belief in Gareth Evans, who directed The Raid, and its equally fantastic sequel. Timothy Olyphant, Forest Whitaker, and Luis Guzmán co-star.

5. Steve McQueen’s Blitz

I’ll write up a full column on this next month, but I’ll give you a little taste — I think this is the movie to beat for Best Picture next year, which I expect to be a thinner field than usual. I’m calling it now. I’ve heard it’s coming along really well and that Apple execs feel they may have something special on their hands. Steve McQueen’s latest follows a group of Londoners during the events of the British capital bombing during World War II. Saoirse Ronan and Harris Dickinson star alongside the great Stephen Graham.

6. George Miller’s Furiosa

I’m not one of those people who thinks that Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterpiece, as it was a little thin on story for my taste, but there’s no doubt that it was a visual accomplishment, as it was absolutely stunning. I think Anya Taylor-Joy is a wonderful actress and I see that Chris Hemsworth is doing something different in this origin story of the title character originally played by Charlize Theron, so I’m excited to get my nachos and buckle up for what is sure to be a wild ride.

Maxine is ready for her close-up, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it…

7. Ti West’s Maxine

I didn't love Pearl, but I did love its predecessor, X, and I’m pumped to see how Ti West ends this twisted trilogy. This sequel is set in Los Angeles in the ‘80s and follows Mia Goth’s Maxine, the only survivor of the massacre in X, as she continues her journey toward becoming a famous actress. Goth will be surrounded by a stacked supporting cast including Elizabeth Debicki as a director, Lily Collins as an actress, Michelle Monaghan and Bobby Cannavale as LAPD detectives, Kevin Bacon as a private detective, Giancarlo Esposito as an agent for adult film actors, Moses Sumney as a video store clerk, Sophie Thatcher as a makeup artist, and Halsey as a stripper. This sounds like a fucking blast on paper.

8. Clint Eastwood’s Juror #2

If this does, indeed, prove to be Clint Eastwood’s final film, it sounds like a good one, but I gotta tell ya, I think he’s got one more in him… if he can swing it. His next, which could very well debut at Cannes, stars Nicholas Hoult as a family man who is faced with a serial moral dilemma while serving as a juror in a high-profile murder trial that he could sway to convict — or free — the wrongly accused killed. Oscar winner J.K. Simmons co-stars alongside Toni Collette, Kiefer Sutherland, Zoey Deutch, Leslie Bibb, Chris Messina, and Gabriel Basso, the Night Agent star who plays the young man on trial. I love a good courtroom drama and Juror #2 has all the makings of just that.

9. Coralie Fargeat’s The Substance

I’ve been hyping Coralie Fargeat for years, ever since I was blown away by her 2017 film Revenge starring Matilda Lutz. Not much is known about The Substance other than it stars Margaret Qualley, Demi Moore, and Dennis Quaid, but I trust Fargeat to deliver the goods no matter what this film ends up being about.

10. Jeremy Saulnier’s Rebel Ridge

I thought this film might come out in 2023 but it has had a rough go of it, so I’m not surprised that Netflix held it for 2024. It’s described as a high-velocity suspense thriller that explores systemic American injustices through bone-breaking action sequences and dark humor. This is the film that John Boyega reportedly abandoned midway through production, and it took some time before Aaron Pierre (Old) stepped in to replace him as the lead. He’s joined by AnnaSophia Robb, James Badge Dale, Emory Cohen, James Cromwell, David Denman, Steve Zissis, and Don Johnson. That’s as good a cast as any for a gritty B-movie from Jeremy Saulnier, a serious director whose work is always a must-see.

11. M. Night Shyamalan’s Trap

Speaking of directors whose names are enough of a draw that I don’t really care what their movie is about, it’s M. Night Shyamalan. Little is known about this film — even its title is confusing, as I thought this was called Good Grades, but I guess not — other than it stars Josh Hartnett and screen legend Hayley Mills. This movie is going out through Warner Bros. rather than Universal for a change, and we’ll see how it fares in theaters after many people I know felt let down by Knock at the Cabin.

12. Michael Sarnoski’s A Quiet Place: Day One

I think I saw a trailer for this at CinemaCon last April, and I think it looked amazing if I remember correctly. Michael Sarnoski showed real promise with Pig, and I’ve always liked this franchise — Day One is just the logical extension. Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o stars alongside Joseph Quinn, Alex Wolff, and two of the best character actors in the biz — Djimon Hounsou and Denis O’Hare. I’m definitely excited to explore another corner of the universe that John Krasinski created with writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who — fun fact — were originally supposed to direct that first film.

Somebody call 911 because the buzz on this movie is missing and I don’t know why!

13. Jean-Stephane Sauvaire’s Black Flies

This movie premiered at Cannes last year and earned mixed reviews, but I’m excited about it all the same, as I understand it has been acquired by an indie distributor. The film stars Tye Sheridan as a young paramedic in New York City, where he’s partnered with two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn. Michael Pitt co-stars alongside Katherine Waterston and Kali Reis, who will soon be seen as Jodie Foster’s partner in True Detective: Night Country. Best of all? Mike Tyson apparently plays a character named Chief Burroughs, and if he winds up being the Chief of Police, it’s going to be high comedy. Sauvaire directed 2017’s Muay Thai movie A Prayer Before Dawn, which features a hell of a performance from Joe Cole if you’ve never seen that fight film.

14. Mimi Cave’s Holland, Michigan

I wasn’t a fan of Cave’s first film, Fresh, but I suspect that she’s working with a much better script this time around. Written by Andrew Sodoski, this thriller stars Oscar winner Nicole Kidman as a woman who suspects her husband is cheating on her, so she enters into an affair of her own, only to learn the truth about her husband’s dark secret life. Matthew Macfadyen co-stars alongside Rachel Sennott and Gael García Bernal, and depending on how Cave handles the tone — and the reveal — this could be a very fun one.

15. Oz Perkins’ Longlegs

The marvelous Maika Monroe, star of The Guest, It Follows, Watcher, and God Is a Bullet — my lord, what a genre resume! — stars in Oz Perkins’ serial killer thriller as FBI Agent Lee Harker, who is assigned to an unsolved case that takes some unexpected turns, revealing evidence of the occult. She soon discovers a personal connection to the killer and must stop him before he strikes again. Do you know who co-stars in this movie? NICOLAS FUCKING CAGE. I guess I should’ve mentioned that up top because I don’t even have to say anything else to justify putting this movie on this list.

16. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s Rich Flu

This film explores how far people would go to save themselves when the wealth that made the world go round becomes its most dangerous commodity after a strange disease threatens to kill anyone with any sort of fortune. Effectively, this is a movie about a plague that literally eats the rich. Amazing. Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars alongside Timothy Spall, Rafe Spall, Jonah Hauer-King, and Lorraine Bracco. OK, cool premise, decent cast… but what gives? Why is this movie so high on my list? Because Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia is the director of The Platform, which may be the best film that Netflix has ever released. If you haven’t seen it, it’s fantastic and I give it my highest recommendation. After that one, this filmmaker has earned a place on this list.

17. Duke Johnson’s The Actor

Andre Holland stars as a New York actor who is beaten and left for dead in 1950s Ohio, where he loses his memory and finds himself stranded in a mysterious small town. The film follows his struggle to get back home and reclaim what he’s lost. Gemma Chan, Joe Cole, and May Calamawy co-star alongside Tracey Ullman and top British character actors Toby Jones and Simon McBurney. Duke Johnson previously directed the beautiful animated film Anomalisa, which is why his follow-up cracked this list.

18. Jaume Collet-Serra’s Carry On

Few filmmakers deliver commercial pulp like Jaume Collet-Serra, and I have a feeling that this action-thriller is going to be a hit for Netflix. Taron Egerton stars as a young TSA agent who is blackmailed into allowing a dangerous package to slip through security and onto a Christmas Day flight. Jason Bateman co-stars alongside Logan Marshall-Green, Dean Norris, Theo Rossi, Sinqua Walls, and Danielle Deadwyler. Between Havoc, Rebel Ridge, and this film, it’s shaping up to be a good year for Netflix outside of awards titles.

19. Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s Freaky Tales

The directors of Captain Marvel — excuse me — the directors of Half Nelson return with this unique film that’s set in Oakland in 1987 and comprised of four interconnected stories about love. Love of people, places, movies, and music — effectively, the matter that makes up our memories. It sounds like an interesting approach, and the directors assembled a great cast including Pedro Pascal, Ben Mendelsohn, Jack Champion, Jay Ellis, Normani, Dominique Thorne, Keir Gilchrist, Ji-young Yoo, and the late Angus Cloud. I’ll see anything from Fleck and Boden, as I forgive them for their Marvel misstep. It was surely an opportunity that was impossible to turn down, but they should not be making those kinds of movies. We don’t need them on that wall, we need them on a different one.

20. Bong Joon Ho’s Mickey 17

This sci-fi drama starring Robert Pattinson marks Director Bong’s follow-up to Parasite, so it’s going to be a pretty big deal on the Warners lot. I’d be surprised if the film wasn’t pushed off its March 29 release date and delayed until the summer or fall, as it’s all but guaranteed a Cannes premiere if one is desired. Mark Ruffalo co-stars alongside Toni Collette, Steven Yeun, Naomi Ackie, Thomas Turgoose, and Daniel Henshall. That’s a very intense group of actors and I can’t wait to see what Director Bong does with them all.

21. Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2

This sequel stars Paul Mescal as Lucius, the son of Maximus’ love Lucilla, and takes place after Maximus’ death. Ridley Scott is back with his American Gangster star Denzel Washington, who plays a mentor of sorts to Lucius. They’re joined by Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn, Fred Hechinger, Matt Lucas, May Calamawy, Lior Raz, Derek Jacobi, and Connie Nielsen, who returns as Lucilla. Ridley must’ve had a damn good story to revisit this material nearly 25 years later, so here’s hoping it was worth the wait.

As a greedy person myself, I demand to see this movie right now!

22. Potsy Ponciroli’s Greedy People

Director Potsy Ponciroli impressed the hell out of me with his indie movie Old Henry starring Tim Blake Nelson, and it looks like he has a bigger budget and cast for this follow-up. The crime comedy follows the residents of a small island town whose once-peaceful community is upended when they find a million dollars — and a dead body. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lily James, and Himesh Patel star alongside Simon Rex, Uzo Aduba, Jim Gaffigan, Nina Arianda, Traci Lords, Joey Lauren Adams, and Old Henry himself...

23. James Ashcroft’s The Rule of Jenny Pen

John Lithgow and Geoffrey Rush star in the film about a former judge who is trapped within his stroke-ridden body and thus confined to a secluded rest home, where an elderly psychotic employs a child’s puppet to abuse the home’s residents. When the judge sets out to stop him, the consequences are deadly. This movie sounds pretty weird and wild, and while Lithgow and Rush are two acting greats, the real reason that this film made the list is because I loved Ashcroft’s last effort, Coming Home in the Dark, a nasty thriller that suggests his latest is one to watch.

24. Jerry Seinfeld’s Unfrosted

I had to save a spot for Jerry Seinfeld, as I still spend more time each week watching his 30-year-old sitcom than I watch anything else, but he’s not necessarily a filmmaker, so he was relegated to the bottom of the list. But he still made the cut! Who knows, maybe this film ends up being this year’s BlackBerry. It’s set in Michigan in 1963, when business rivals Kellogg’s and Post competed to create a cake that would go on to change breakfast forever — the Pop Tart. Seinfeld called in some favors for this one, as he’s joined in the film by Melissa McCarthy, Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, James Marsden, Christian Slater, Bobby Moynihan, Maria Bakalova, Rachael Harris, Max Greenfield, Thomas Lennon, Jack McBrayer, and Jim Gaffigan, among others.

Honorable Mentions

And now, just to make it an even 100, here are 76 more movies(!) to look forward to in 2024, with all apologies to directors like E.L. Katz (Cheap Things) and Nicholas Pesce (The Eyes of My Mother), who also have new movies coming out this year. They were the toughest cuts! Keep in mind that I’ve already seen a handful of excellent 2024 titles, such as Anna Kendrick’s Woman of the Hour and Richard Linklater’s Hit Man, so they were ineligible for this list.

Ali Abassi’s The Apprentice
Fede Alvarez’s Alien: Romulus
Michael Angarano’s Sacramento
Andrea Arnold’s Bird
Sean Baker’s Anora
Scott Beck & Bryan Woods’ Heretic
Edward Berger’s Conclave
Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2
Martin Campbell’s Cleaner
Lee Isaac Chung’s Twisters
Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis
Ethan Coen’s Drive Away Dolls
Brady Corbet’s The Brutalist
Kevin Costner’s Horizon
Zach Cregger’s Weapons
Caitlin Cronenberg’s Humane
David Cronenberg’s The Shrouds
Lee Daniels’ The Deliverance
Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris’ The Invite
Benoit Delhomme’s Mothers’ Instinct
Scott Derrickson’s The Gorge
Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu
Mike Flanagan’s The Life of Chuck
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Damsel
Antoine Fuqua’s Man in the Mirror (aka Michael)
Alex Garland’s Civil War
Rose Glass’ Love Lies Bleeding
Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers
Luca Guadagnino’s Queer 
Marielle Heller’s Nightbitch
Ron Howard’s Eden
Natalie Erika James’ Apartment 7A
Richard LaGravenese’s A Family Affair
Yorgos Lanthimos’ Kind of Kindness
David Leitch’s The Fall Guy
Sebastian Lelio’s Voyagers
Damien Leone’s Terrifier 3
Barry Levinson’s Wise Guys
Shawn Levy’s Deadpool 3
Doug Liman’s The Instigators
Doug Liman’s Road House
David Lowery’s Mother Mary
David Mackenzie’s Relay
Guy Madden’s Rumors
Terrence Malick’s The Way of the Wind
David Michod’s Wizards!
Mark Molloy’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley
Kyle Mooney’s Y2K
Rachel Morrison’s Flint Strong
George Nolfi’s Elevation
Joshua Oppenheimer’s The End
Dev Patel’s Monkey Man
Andrew Patterson’s Rivals of Amziah King
Paweł Pawlikowski’s The Island
Pixar’s Inside Out 2
Nic Pizzolatto’s Easy’s Waltz
Gavin Polone’s Psycho Killer
Radio Silence’s Untitled Monster Movie (aka Dracula’s Daughter, aka Abducting Abi)
Johan Renck’s Spaceman
Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
Joachim Rønning’s Young Woman and the Sea
Aaron Schimberg’s A Different Man
Julian Schnabel’s Hand of Dante
Jane Schoenbrun’s I Saw the TV Glow
Paul Schrader’s Oh, Canada
Trey Edward Shults’ Untitled A24 Movie
Tilman Singer’s Cuckoo
Steven Soderbergh’s Presence
Celine Song’s Materialists
Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Back to Black
Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle
Nacho Vigalondo’s Daniela Forever
Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two
Lulu Wang’s It’s a Mother, It’s a Daughter
Robert Zemeckis’ Here

It’s shaping up to be a strong year ahead, so subscribe now to follow all the fun in 2024!

Bits and Bobs (A Daily News Roundup)

This is what happens when you forget to leave out milk and cookies for Santa, kids!

  • Ho, Ho, Ho - Daniel Richtman claims there’s a Die Hard prequel in the works again over at 20th Century Studios, so literary reps, start pitching your clients, and don’t be surprised if that franchise becomes a priority for the studio in the new year. The IP is simply too valuable to sit on a shelf, and with Bruce Willis sidelined due to health problems, the tough decision of whether to bring him back for one last ride has been made for them. Alan Ritchson would be a decent choice for this franchise if they went the reboot route, but if it’s a straight prequel, I think that Glen Powell could handle the role of John McClane. Those are big shoes to fill, but someone has to… and I still like the sound of that spec script about a young Hans Gruber that is said to open with him dodging bullets at the Berlin Wall.

  • Who Ya Gonna Call?- Free of the shackles of Aquaman, it sounds like James Wan is returning to the world of horror, as he’s set to direct a Call of Cthulhu movie based on the ancient evil. H.P. Lovecraft’s 1928 short story will serve as the basis for the film, which has been Wan’s “dream project” for close to a decade. It follows a man who investigates a cult that worships the ancient cosmic monster, Cthulhu. I’m not a big Lovecraft guy myself, but if anyone can turn that idea into a hit, it’s Wan, who seems to have the golden touch when it comes to horror.

  • Do Not Pass Go - Buried in Lionsgate’s press release about its closed deal to acquire eOne from Hasbro was a line noting that the deal included film development rights to Hasbro’s Monopoly brand. Hollywood has been trying to make a Monopoly movie happen for ages, to no avail. Again, literary reps should instruct their clients to start polishing their pitches in the event this becomes a real thing.

  • Start Your Engines - There are reports of a whole bunch of start dates for major movies, with Marvel rumored to be getting an early start on shooting its next Avengers movie before the end of next year, though Ruben Ostlund has said that his next film, The Entertainment System Is Down, which takes place aboard a plane, won’t begin shooting until early 2025…. And then there’s the cast of The Batman 2, which is said to start shooting in August 2024 ahead of its October 2025 release date. James Gunn has been shooting down rumors on behalf of director Matt Reeves, but word on the street is that the character of Hush may be involved. Hush is another serial killer, like The Riddler, and some fans have expressed concern that the character’s inclusion would hew too closely to the first film… if it’s true that he’s involved. But I believe there’s a way to shake things up and keep the sequel fresh — cast someone from the Apatow camp. I’m talking about Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen, both of whom were rumored for the first film, but I’m also talking about Jason Segel, especially. He could be great as a serial killer, in this or something else, and he has the kind of size that would make him formidable in a physical fight with the Dark Knight without having to be built like Bane.

  • And speaking of DC characters, here’s something to think about as we prepare to face yet another year without the Arclight Hollywood. It sounds like Decurion is targeting a grand reopening in Q2 of 2025, according to Deadline. What else is having a grand reopening in 2025? The DCU. If I were Warner Bros., I’d do whatever I could to ensure that the Cinerama Dome reopens with the world premiere of James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, which opens July 11, 2025. I don’t care if the theater is ready to open at the start of the summer movie season in May, it would be great PR for everyone, and again, if I’m Warners, I want to be the studio that uses the reopening of the Dome to make a splash, otherwise someone else will. I can’t wait for the Arclight to reopen, but for now, there are plenty of great theaters in L.A. and I’m spoiled with all the state-of-the-art screening rooms I’m invited to visit. Thank you to every publicist who extended an invite this year, and here’s to a “super” 2024 — a year that, for better or worse, will be decidedly light on superhero movies.

For Your Consideration: Will Robert De Niro Land His 8th Acting Nod for Killers of the Flower Moon?

I forget if this is the fourth or fifth season of For Your Consideration, but suffice it to say, I’ve been doing this show with Scott Mantz and Perri Nemiroff for a long time — ever since the Collider days.

Today brings our final episode of the year and finds us revisiting our predictions for Best Supporting Actor. The way we see it, six actors are fighting for five slots — Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Gosling, Mark Ruffalo, Robert De Niro, Charles Melton, and Sterling K. Brown, but are we underestimating Willem Dafoe this year? Are we writing off Dominic Sessa simply because this is his first feature? And could someone like Jeremy Allen White surprise?

I love doing this show with Scott and Perri, as I don’t think there’s any other weekly show offering up the kind of good-humored awards analysis. It’d be great to get a proper sponsor one of these days given our steady viewership, which includes plenty of actual voters, but until then, we’re grateful for every one of you who watches the show on Perri’s YouTube channel.

Here’s to an exciting awards season ahead, and I will see you again in 2024 — I hope. I’ve spent the past two months writing thousands of words every day for an audience I’ve worked hard to build, and I now put my income in your hands, as I’d rather work my ass off for you than a boss who doesn’t appreciate me.

That’ll do it for me, folks! Have a Happy New Year, and stay safe out there!

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