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Oprah's New Movie Project and Her Concerns About 'The Color Purple's Box Office Performance

Plus, thoughts on 'Night Swim,' Julia Garner's casting in 'Wolf Man,' and the rumored cast for Season 3 of 'The White Lotus.'

Happy Friday, fam! I’m ready to finish binging True Detective: Night Country tonight and play some basketball tomorrow morning after having to run 3-on-3 during the holiday break.

Before we “dive in,” hehe, let me give you my quick review of Night Swim — it sucked. Deadline’s review mentions the “unintentional laughter” at Wednesday night’s press screening, and I can confirm that this movie is not only completely ridiculous but 100 percent scare-free.

It’s basically about a haunted pool, which is a good enough set-up, but then the filmmakers have to come up with a reason why the pool is haunted, and it’s so generic and lame. Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon are both thoroughly wasted in this soggy thriller, which will almost assuredly make my Worst of 2024 list next year.

Naturally, it’s on pace to gross $10 million this weekend — because we genre fans are nothing if not gluttons for punishment.

In tonight’s edition, which only paid subscribers will be able to read in full, you’ll get stories about Oprah Winfrey’s new project and the truth about how The Color Purple has performed at the box office, Julia Garner joining Blumhouse’s Wolf Man movie, the rumored cast of The White Lotus, and the first teaser for Nicolas Cage’s serial killer thriller Longlegs, among others.

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Oprah’s New Project and Her Concern That The Color Purple’s Box Office Will Affect Hollywood’s Appetite for Stories About People of Color

If Oprah is struggling to get movies made, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The Hollywood Reporter’s co-editor-in-chief Nekesa Mumbi Moody interviewed Oprah Winfrey, who is out campaigning on behalf of The Color Purple, and the mogul revealed that she plans to produce an adaption of Abraham Verghese’s novel The Covenant of Water.

The book follows an Indian family that loses one person each generation due to drowning. It sounds like a more diverse version of The Iron Claw in that respect, which would seem to be a blessing from my perspective, though Winfrey worries about Hollywood’s commitment to telling such stories.

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