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Skydance Near Deal for Paramount: Who Should David Ellison Hire to Run the Studio… and 'Star Trek'?

Plus, my thoughts on 'Them: The Scare,' its breakout actor Luke James, and Sony's first trailer for 'Venom: The Last Dance.'

Happy Monday, folks!

It was a big day for me, as it marked my 18-year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles. I had no idea what this city would have in store for me — in fact, I still don’t! — but I’m proud to have lasted this long in this vicious viper pit of an industry.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me hang around this city for as long as I have. Keep spreading the word about this newsletter, and who knows — I might even be able to stay!

I sprained my ankle playing basketball on Saturday, so I had plenty of time to sit on the couch this weekend. I binge-watched all of Season 3 of Hacks, which was excellent, and really spoke to me as someone who has been abused by various bosses over the years. It was nice to see Hannah Einbinder’s Ava stick up for herself in the finale, even if she had to get her hands dirty to do it.

I also started watching Season 3 of Mayor of Kingstown, and it’s not just great to have that show back on Paramount+, it’s great to have Jeremy Renner back, period. I swear, watching the show, you can’t even tell that a snowplow nearly ate him alive last year. He looks amazing and moves around great. Maybe he’s a real-life superhero after all.

He can join my pal Jonathan Tucker on that front, from the sound of this L.A. Magazine report about him stopping a scary home invasion. We adore Tucker ‘round these parts, and I hope this gets him noticed, as he’s been a great actor since he was a kid.

Anyway, in tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about the latest on the Paramount-Skydance merger and three pieces of advice I have for David Ellison. There’s also a review of Them: The Scare (keep an eye on Luke James), my thoughts on Sony’s first trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, and stories about Elle Fanning fighting the Predator, Josh Brolin joining Knives Out 3, Colman Domingo going on vacation with Netflix, Sarah Snook lining up her first series since Succession, and a former film critic who landed a first-look deal at Sony.

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