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  • Exclusive: 'Spaceballs' Sequel in the Works at Amazon MGM From Josh Gad and Mel Brooks

Exclusive: 'Spaceballs' Sequel in the Works at Amazon MGM From Josh Gad and Mel Brooks

Plus, 'Nanny' filmmaker Nikyatu Jusu prompts backlash online after defending the use of AI in her new short film 'Spirit.'

Happy, happy Tuesday, folks!

Last night, thanks to the generosity of my baby brother, I attended Game 5 of the NBA Finals and witnessed my beloved Boston Celtics defeat the Dallas Mavericks, winning their league-leading 18th championship banner in the process.

It was truly a magical night, and you have a few more hours to catch the highlights from my perspective on my Instagram stories. Viewer discretion is advised.

So yeah, I’m back in Boston with my family, and on Sunday night, we did Trailer Time together. I spent an hour showing them trailers for movies that will debut later this year, as it’s always interesting to see what movies they spark to.

On Monday, I asked everyone for their favorites and A24 may have reason to celebrate, as Sister-in-Law #1 and Sister-in-Law #2 both singled out MaXXXine, as did Brother #2, who is also looking forward to M. Night Shyamalan’s Trap. The other movie to score high marks was Sing Sing, which was singled out by Sister-in-Law #1 and Brother #2, with Brother #1 adding, “Sing Sing got me deep.”

As for Big Daddy, he liked Nash Edgerton’s Spider, which I pointed out to him was really a nine-minute short film, not a trailer. But he makes no distinction. For the record, both Spider and its sequel Bear earned strong reactions, and everyone seemed to be excited about the Matt Damon-Casey Affleck movie The Instigatahs, which was filmed in Boston. Go figure!

As for the Tony Awards this past weekend, well, if you think you’re gonna get a lick of Tony coverage here, you’re reading the wrong newsletter. I like theater and I’ve written plays myself, but I could not care less…

In tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read about a sequel to Spaceballs, when you can see Jordan Peele’s new movie, and who landed Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis. Plus, much, much more!

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