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Exclusive: 'Stranger Things' Season 5 Episode Titles and Directors Revealed, But About That Date...

Plus, Chris Pratt has a big, kid-friendly package on the market, and Steven Spielberg is helping Joe Biden's campaign.

Happy Thursday night, folks!

Last night, I watched a very, very fucked up movie called The Coffee Table, which a friend purchased on Prime Video for $9.99, I think. I had seen a stray tweet or two about it but the movie had such a boring title that I thought nothing of it, so I went into this one blind.

Dear reader, I’ve seen a lot in my time — a lot — but I had never seen anything quite like The Coffee Table, which made me feel super uncomfortable. I think the innocuous title is supposed to lull you into a false sense of security. I don’t know if director Caye Casas has any reps right now, as I couldn’t find any listed on IMDb Pro, but agents and managers should be looking at him, as he’s a talent.

Today, I was a guest on The John Campea Show, so most of my day was spent commuting to and from Corona, but I’m extremely grateful to John for having me on, as it allowed me to plug this newsletter in front of a larger audience, and I had a great time chopping it up with him.

I cover some of our chat in tonight’s newsletter, which features updates on Netflix’s prized ponies Stranger Things and Squid Games, Chris Pratt’s big package, J.K. Rowling’s latest deal for Harry Potter audiobooks, the frontrunner for the Chris Farley biopic, Steven Spielberg’s top-secret work for Joe Biden’s campaign, Russell Crowe’s latest exorcism movie, and how it was decidedly not a great day for America, despite what Harvey Weinstein’s attorney told the press after his New York conviction was overturned.

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