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  • Marvel Finds Its 'X-Men' Writer and Taps Terry Matalas to Serve as Showrunner on 'Vision' Series

Marvel Finds Its 'X-Men' Writer and Taps Terry Matalas to Serve as Showrunner on 'Vision' Series

Plus, Glen Powell lines up another new movie at Paramount as the studio suffers a double whammy on 'Star Trek.'

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Apologies for the late send — I had a phone emergency tonight that took a couple of hours to remedy as I went down the deep, dark rabbit hole that is Apple Support.

Last night, after the Celtics nearly gave me a heart attack before forcing overtime against the Pacers, I watched Force of Nature: The Dry 2, which was a disappointing follow-up to the 2020 crime thriller starring Eric Bana. The less said, the better.

As for last night’s story on The Smashing Machine, I just want to caution that the film currently remains undated, as production just started.

Shooting is scheduled to wrap in early July, and while my source told me that Safdie could certainly turn it around in time, others say it’ll all come down to the film’s post-production schedule, what the Oscar race looks like later in the year, and Dwayne Johnson’s desire for a festival premiere, since it’s unlikely this one would be ready in time for the fall festival circuit. Should Johnson demand the full Cannes experience, A24 could very well hold it.

I’m also fully aware that Safdie doesn’t want to work with a release date hanging over his head — as far as he’s concerned, the movie will be ready when it’s ready — but if there’s an opportunity to break into the Oscar race this year due to a weaker, strike-affected crop of contenders, then A24 might as well go for it if time allows.

Of course, The Smashing Machine represents a decent investment for A24, which will be mindful, first and foremost, of recouping its expenses.

I would just think that if Johnson’s Amazon movie Red One is the lump of coal that some have said it is, he would be eager to put the whole thing behind him as fast as possible and have The Smashing Machine out the following month, launching the next chapter of his career. Why wait another year if you can help it, right?

I mean, just look at how quickly Ryan Reynolds pivoted to promoting Deadpool & Wolverine on his social media feeds once the writing was on the wall regarding IF and its box office prospects. I know at least one person who wasn’t too happy about it… though I’m not sure a few extra tweets would’ve helped.

Anyway, in tonight’s newsletter, you’ll read my thoughts on Marvel’s big moves this week, plus, stories about Glen Powell remaking one of Warren Beatty’s movies, Paramount’s Star Trek double whammy, the return of Nurse Jackie, a George Floyd biopic, Kelly Rowland’s brave stand against Cannes security, and Jessica Alba’s new Netflix movie Trigger Warning — something my newsletter should come with (rimshot)!

There’s also a full review of the Weapons screenplay — JUST KIDDING!!!

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